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BRAND Business is an offshoot of the creative agency Buro BRAND (est. 1999) and is a result of exciting collaborations with businesses that have a commercial and problem-solving orientation.

  • Buro BRAND believes in the power of images and embraces the principle of ‘stick to your strengths’.
  • Buro BRAND employs professionals called visual design thinkers. Thanks to their experience in industrial product development and graphic design, they are trained in visually convincing and creating consensus among stakeholders.
  • Buro BRAND has sought out partnerships, demonstrated empathy and worked to perfect its operations. As a result, they have successfully developed propositions that rely on the power of imagery, make an impact and have an energising effect on business partners. Which leads to visible solutions and clearly-defined next steps.

In other words, we work with you to identify solutions to the challenges your business is facing. We offer encouragement and motivation, making use of the creative self-confidence of our partners. Everyone would like to help, propose solutions, show creativity and work together. The trick is finding a way to channel the energy you need to make it happen. When you do, connections are enhanced, minds are opened and the overall impact is maximised.

Zakelijk en creatief profiel van brand business
Missie en visie zijn het DNA van de zakelijke creativiteit

Mission & Vision

Imagination as the ultimate means of communication. That is what we’ve been working towards over the last 15 years. Experience teaches us that we can use imagination to drastically improve cooperation and cohesiveness within a team. In addition, it helps clarify the complex issues at work within an organisation. We’ve also noticed that the people we help gain greater creative self-confidence by using their imagination. This is important, because the result is a belief that you yourself can affect change in your immediate environment, including at work.

BRAND Business wants to apply the visual expertise of Buro BRAND as effectively as possible in order to resolve public, commercial and organisational issues. As a result, we work together with exceptionally talented professionals in the healthcare, education and government sectors as well as the business community.


Robert Paulusse

Robert Paulusse

Managing Partner & Creative Programme Manager

Willemien Brand

Willemien Brand

Design Thinker

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