Creative commercial thinking

BRAND Business likes to contributes to clarification, improvement and change within companies and organisations. We call that creative consultancy.


‘Any direction is the wrong one if you don’t have a goal in mind.’

Typically, just having a goal in terms of profit or growth is not enough. A good strategy has multiple components and, most importantly, provides direction: how exactly can we realise this growth or profit?
Typically, just having a goal in terms of profit or growth is not enough. A good strategy has multiple components and, most importantly, provides direction: how exactly can we realise this growth or profit?
We see many managers and management teams wrestling with this theme of how to create a clear, distinctive strategy. And, how do we get the entire organisation on board?

  • BRAND Business combines creative and business-oriented skills in order to help management teams learn to create and implement a solid strategy. How? By means of a highly interactive workshop. That’s where experienced specialists guide the team in formulating and visualising their objectives and/or strategy. Step by step.

One of the specialists has a great deal of management experience in large organisations at the executive level and will lead the substantive discussions.
The other is a professional designer who fosters creativity and ensures that the message is visually recorded in the most optimal way.
Thanks to this unique combination of skills, the best ideas are brought to the table, the team grows and a result is created that is much easier to communicate to the rest of the organisation.

While it may be true that a strategy is never finished, our clients have proven that with our help they can achieve a great deal in a single day.

Getekende uitkomst van een strategiesessie visual design thinking
Getekende uitkomt van een strategie sessie visual design thinking

FINE-TUNING – ‘There’s always room for improvement.’

Is what we are doing today good enough? Must we do more with less? Are we alert and ‘hungry’ enough? Are there any internal conflicts? In short, is it high time to adjust course and take steps to improve the performance of the organisation or team? From experience, we at BRAND Business know that this type of challenge can benefit from thorough problem analysis, followed by the creation of a pragmatic and concrete plan of action before getting started.

Two conditions for success:

  • Full participation from everyone involved, not only in identifying the problem but in coming up with a solution;
  • Effective facilitation. This must include sufficient attention to and respect for the aspects of both emotion (heart) and reasoning (mind).

In other words: creative commercial thinking combined with commercial creativity!

Our facilitators apply their knowledge and experience in the areas of management/project management, coaching, creativity and design in order to help a team arrive at new insight and solutions. The results at the completion of a project: a new way of cooperating with one another and an action plan with universal support.

What we hear from our circle of repeat clients is that this method works. Those organisations have seen first-hand how beneficial shared improvement efforts have been to their day-to-day practice, and as a result, they often call upon our help for their meetings.

EMBRACING CHANGE – ‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’

Has your strategy been formulated clearly and is it accepted without question? Have all challenges been clearly identified and are plans already in place to address them? And is the change process still moving too slowly? Does it seem like no one understands the urgency behind it, or as if two problems arise for every solution you find?

Welcome to the wonderful world of organisational change!

Even when the plan is solid and the goal is clear, spurring an organisation into movement takes a great deal of creativity and stamina. How to I ‘sell’ the plan within my organisation? How can I create a sense of urgency and support for an idea? These are questions whose solutions require a wide array of skills and knowledge to find. Marketing, management and psychology, for instance – and most people have not mastered all these areas of expertise in equal measure.

  • BRAND Business has found the right people from the business community and creative sector, and brought them together to support change processes. Together with our clients, we have developed programmes – nearly always custom solutions – that really work.

We would be happy to tell you more about our work in a personal meeting.

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