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Communicating Effectively; Business drawing


Try using drawings in your business communication. Help shape your ideas by sketching them out. The results will amaze you. People tend to like pictures. Pictures help them interpret messages more effectively, process information more quickly and remember it better, too.

In four hours’ time, you’ll learn to draw based on your own personality and handwriting. You’ll develop the courage you need to communicate ideas quickly using rapid visual representations. Through simple tips and examples, you will learn how to model concepts taken from day-to-day practice. Need to exchange thoughts during scrum or agile sessions, or – most importantly – cooperate more quickly with others? Do it using visuals!

Target group

Anyone who regularly gives presentations, trains teams or acts as a moderator, and who wants to communicate in a more visual (and therefore more effective) fashion. Highly suited to managers, sales and senior staff, trainers/teachers, project teams and young professionals. 

This Business drawing training course is also ideal to attend as a team. Not only does it strengthen individual skills, it also enhances the interpersonal connections; team members get to ‘step out of their comfort zone’ together and create a new visual language together as well.


295.00 euros per person, excl. of VAT; fee includes materials.

Programme (4 hrs)

Preparation: No preparation is required for this training course.

  • Introduction
  • Doodling and “blind” drawing
  • Facial Expression & characters
  • Cross-hatching, shading & 3-D forms
  • Typography
  • Practising using metaphors & icons
  • Visual interview
  • Conclusion

Size of group

An ideal group consists of 8 to 10 people.


DWhile this training course is typically provided at Buro BRAND’s own inspiring location in The Hague, it can also be organised on-location near or at your company’s office.

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