Goal visualisation


‘It’s not the path that determines the goal. It’s the goal that determines the path.’’

Without a clear and quantifiable goal, any enterprise, team or project whatsoever is destined for failure. So: are we devoting enough time to formulating our goal precisely? Are we spending enough time sharing and safeguarding it? During a goal visualisation, we can help you organise an unforgettable and highly effective session that will focus on the visualisation of the intended goal. Business Acceleration’s own business expert will facilitate the substantive discussion, while the illustrator from Buro BRAND will capture the conversation in real time. In the process, ‘sketchnotes’, slogans, graphs, cartoons, etc. are created. The participants have an active role in processing and making use of the materials provided. Experience has shown us that the intensity of the meeting will be high from the very first mark on the flip board. Because participants can relate to what is being drawn, it has an activating effect on them.

At the end of the day, a result will have been created on large vertical cardboard panels. Photographs will be taken of the panels and drawings, to be incorporated into ‘visual minutes’ later on. Participants can use the end result in newsletters, texts and presentations or on social media.

Target group

Any senior, team or project manager or director who is looking for a new direction, hoping to encourage cooperation in a team, needs to lead a project or must structure a complicated change of some kind. Highly suited to executive boards, management teams, project teams and specialised staff departments.

Goal visualisation twee
Goal visualisation een


Option A Business Acceleration and BRAND Business will facilitate and guide both the substantive discussion and the visualisation of that discussion. A combination of experienced business experts (executive level) and professional illustrators ensures the best possible mix. You and your team will be challenged, guided and engaged!

1,695 euros, excl. of VAT per half-day for each facilitator/illustrator pair..

Option B BRAND Business supplies only the illustrator(s) who assist(s) the session leader by visualising the discussion as it occurs, giving form to the creative process.

795 euros, excl. of VAT per half-day for each illustrator.



TBD based on your individual wishes.


Size of group

The ideal size is 6 to 16 people.



While this training course is typically provided at Buro BRAND’s own inspiring location in The Hague, it can also be organised on-location near or at your company’s office.

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