We feel that companies should stick to what they are good at: the principle of ‘knowing your strengths’. For our commercial creativity, we have found partners with whom we truly enjoy collaborating. These include coaches, consultants and creative professionals. Below, you’ll find an overview of our partners.

Buro BRAND visuele communicatie
partner : Buro BRAND | Hester Naaktgeboren


Buro BRAND is the agency for visual communication with remarkable strength of imagination. The core players of Buro BRAND are Willemien Brand and Hester Naaktgeboren. They do what they do best, which is translate issues and messages into imagery. Several years ago, they began experimenting with recording ‘visual minutes’. These focused on activation in addition to visualisation. This proved to be an effective means of facilitation during strategic and innovative meetings. It had a magnetic effect on other innovative companies who were looking to do more with imagery, in cooperation with Buro BRAND.

Partner: Buro BRAND | Willemien Brand
partner : business acceleration


There’s a good reason that the BusinessAcceleration slogan is ‘making good companies better‘. BRAND Business has experienced first-hand that their method works. Thanks to the insight they provided, BRAND Business was able to position itself more effectively, our self-confidence has grown and our turnover is seeing acceleration as well! Swinda Hagedoorn and Hugo Koppelaars are the managing Partners at BusinessAcceleration; together, they posses a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the areas of strategy, marketing and sales effectiveness.

partner : Schetswinkel

De Schetswinkel

The cheerful and energetic individual behind the Schetswinkel is Inge de Fluiter. Inge has amassed extensive experience in marketing communications. Inge sketches as she listens. She wants to instil creative courage in individuals, and thereby increase the innovative ability and effectiveness of organisations. We take creative courage from Inge as well – you can’t help but be affected by her boundless – and contagious – creative energy. Together with Inge, we are constantly discussing how fantastic our line of work is, and how we can increase the impact of that work even further.

Nijman partners in innovation
partner : Ginny Nijman


Many organisations are eager to innovate. They want to focus on achieving future revenue. And yet, often, they get stuck believing the latest craze. At larger companies, this may mean that multi-disciplinary teams fail to cooperate in optimum fashion. BRAND Business was still a small company when we first encountered Ginny Nijman. We were multi-disciplinary, it’s true, but we were definitely following the latest craze as well. Thanks to her insight into how partnerships can enhance and weaken strengths, Ginny helped us take a big step forward. She is always in search of the spark that gets things going. In combination with our creative commercial thinking, we can make sure the spark of innovation comes to life in your company as well.

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