Powerpoint – Perfect Pitch

During PowerPoint the Perfect Pitch, you will learn – in one day – how to efficiently deliver a professional and attractive PowerPoint presentation that will convince your audience.


A type of presentation in which you can also use the document itself to convince others, meaning you (the presenter) don’t necessarily have to be present. While many courses focus on presentation techniques or using PowerPoint, hardly any examine how the structure of the content and the visual design of the presentation are arranged.

Unfortunately, the reality is that – even in the hands of a talented presenter – a poorly-structured and ill-designed presentation will fail to be convincing. In this training course, you will learn a method relied upon by the most successful international consultancy firms. In addition to the storyline, the course will also address useful aides (tips and tricks) for using this software. A good basic familiarity with PowerPoint is required. After the one-day course, you’ll be able to create much more effective presentations in less time. When you know that your material is optimally prepared, it becomes decidedly easier to give that important presentation to the board or that strategic client.
Our trainers are experienced consultants with years of experience in delivering effective presentations at an executive level. They apply this method themselves, with great success.

Target group

Anyone who needs to present at a senior management or professional level in order to sell a plan, product or project. Whether it’s internally at their own company or to external clients. Highly suited to sales managers, senior project managers, general managers/directors and young professionals.

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695.00 euros per person, excl. of VAT; fee includes materials and lunch.

Programme (1 day)

Preparation: For this training, participants will need to send in recent presentation materials; at the end of the day, they will have the opportunity to work on their own presentation with guidance from the trainers.

  • Introduction
  • What standards must a good pitch presentation meet?
  • Theory I: The Perfect Pitch – Page layout
  • Practice block 1
  • Intermezzo – Tips & Tricks for Visualisation
  • Practice block 2
  • Theory II: The Perfect Pitch – Storyline
  • Practice block 3
  • Presentation/Evaluation
  • Conclusion – improving your own material or practising a specific aspect

Size of group

At least 6, no more than 10 This course is also highly suitable for corporate teams.


While this training course is typically provided at Buro BRAND’s own inspiring location in The Hague, it can also be organised on-location near or at your company’s office.

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